Pacific DeFi

Key Details

Important aspects

Team Token Allocation: Contrary to popular belief, team tokens are a good thing if honest and transparent stewardship is applied. Having a 20% team token allocation gives the founders "skin in the game" and a reputation to uphold.
We are very wary of projects with no team tokens that are run anonymously because the developer has no risk of financial loss and can walk away freely if they choose to abandon the project, leaving investors in the dust.
As experienced investment professionals, we strive for skin in the game and all token-holders including us will be handsomely compensated as token utility grows and revenues increase.
100,000,000 $PACIFIC MAX Supply: It is important to keep inflation at bay and use revenues to buyback and burn our token to drive value to the holders.
$PACIFIC Daily Emissions: $PACIFIC distributed to stakers and liquidity providers via its liquidity pools during the 1-year minting period.
Buy & Burn: 20% of profits taken by the platform via auto-compounding and harvesting fees will be used to buy $PACIFIC and destroy it. This will make $PACIFIC more scarce over time.

What happens after the 1-year liquidity rewards finishes?

  • As the roadmap continues to be developed and milestones are achieved, fees from different products will be used to buyback $PACIFIC and reduce token supply
  • Fees from the protocol will be used to provide income to the stakers of $PACIFIC