Pacific DeFi

How to Farm PACIFIC

Become a PACIFIC farmer!
You will need to have PACIFIC-BNB LP tokens from PancakeSwap DEX before being to stake them on the platform to farm PACIFIC. Please read our guide here on providing liquidity. There are no fees with staking, however with BSC staking of PACIFIC-BNB-LP there is a lock (3-months and 6-months) period. Harvested rewards can only be claimed after the lock period is over.
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click 'LAUNCH APP' button
Step 3: Click 'Liquidity Pools' tab
Step 4: Click the arrow to expand the 'PACIFIC-BNB-LP' pool
Step 5: Enter the amount of PACIFIC-BNB-LP tokens you would like to stake, press 'Deposit to Vault'. MetaMask will ask you to approve the transaction. Submit the transaction and wait a few seconds until it is confirmed by the network
Step 6: Congratulations! You have just learned how to swap tokens on DEX PancakeSwap, provide liquidity to receive LP tokens, and now you have deposited your LP tokens to start Farming PACIFIC!