Pacific DeFi
Introduction to Pacific DeFi

The Pacific DeFi ecosystem

Pacific DeFi provides secure yield enhancement products for stablecoins and altcoins, offering users the ability to earn high risk-adjusted returns.
The product suite includes single-token yield-enhancement stablecoin and non-stablecoin vaults, lending & borrowing, leveraged vaults, and a launchpad for users to gain access to the best DeFi projects.
To provide the products above, Pacific DeFi will offer a universally usable wallet, token swap platform, and interoperability across different blockchain networks.
Pacific DeFi will also partner with reputable security firms and DeFi protocols operating in similar niches to ensure the longevity, scalability, and security of the platform.

Phase I

At the start, a total of 20% (20,000,000 $PACIFIC tokens) of Pacific DeFi’s token supply will be released to the general public via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on KCCPad.
An additional 5% (5,000,000 $PACIFIC tokens) of tokens will be used to conduct a private sale for select investors.
Both the IDO and private sale allocations have quick vesting schedules, with the IDO allocation fully unlocked 4 weeks after the IDO date.
At Phase I of the launch, Pacific DeFi will focus on unlocking 30% of the tokens to supply rewards to liquidity providers (LPs) by distributing 30,000,000 $PACIFIC tokens out of a total of 100,000,000 $PACIFIC tokens, over 1-year via staking and farming.
Staking and farming will begin on the Pacific DeFi platform, and later expand via partnerships with DeFi protocols within the BSC, Polygon and Ethereum networks.
The goal of Pacific DeFi is to become a blockchain agnostic project. This means operating on the BSC initially, while bridging out to Polygon, Ethereum and then Solana and Avalanche networks.

Phase II

Once the minting process is complete, Pacific DeFi aims to create a long-lasting ecosystem of revenue-generating activities.
These activities include the following:
Trading: Revenue generation through trading fees when users swap tokens on the platform
High-Yield Vaults: Earn high-yields on popular crypto assets (e.g. BNB, BTCB, ETH, CAKE etc.) via Pacific DeFi's vaults
Staking & Farming: Stake and farm $PACIFIC tokens to receive rewards in $PACIFIC during the minting period of 1-year
Lending: Earn high-yields via lending out popular cryptos to the High-Yield Vault participants. This enables the High-Yield Vaults to magnify returns by leveraging lender funds
Stablecoin Yield Vaults: Vaults that generate yield on BUSD, USDT, USDC and DAI. These vaults rely on vault aggregation strategies to generate yield, creating a diversified fixed-income product
Launchpad: Users can participate in the launches of promising DeFi projects. Pacific DeFi can leverage its network to raise the necessary funds to launch projects that are currently spearheading innovation
In conclusion, Pacific DeFi’s mission is to create a highly profitable ecosystem, with fees from the protocol continuously being reinvested into new products, adding value to long-term token-holders.
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