Pacific DeFi

Staking & Farming on BSC

Stake $PACIFIC and receive rewards!

Staking $PACIFIC on the BSC

Users can stake PACIFIC in the following vault on the BSC:

Single Vault:


Farming $PACIFIC

Users can farm PACIFIC in the following vault on the BSC:

Liquidity Pool:


Mining Process of 1-year

During the token mining process of 1-year, 30,000,000 $PACIFIC will be mined and rewarded to the liquidity providers.
After the mining process is complete, users who stake $PACIFIC will receive a proportionate share of fees generated from the vaults and its other products.
Our team will continuously think of new ways $PACIFIC stakers can benefit from holding our token apart from the buy-backs we conduct from fees generated from the protocol.

Multi-Chain $PACIFIC Staking & Farming:

Users will have the ability to stake and farm $PACIFIC on the BSC and Polygon networks.
The team is currently working on a Polygon bridge to allow Pacific DeFi to thrive in a multi-chain ecosystem, allowing for different users and DeFi participants to get involved.