Pacific DeFi


Participate in Pacific DeFi's staking programs!
You will need to have PACIFIC in your wallet before being able to stake PACIFIC. Please read our guide here on how to buy PACIFIC on BSC first before bridging the tokens to Polygon. There are no fees with staking and no lock period for staking on Polygon. Harvested rewards can be claimed at any time.
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click 'LAUNCH APP' button
Step 3: Make sure you are on BSC network
Step 4: Click 'Bridge' tab
Step 5: Enter the amount of PACIFIC you want to bridge and confirm on MetaMask
Transaction will be in progress...
Step 6: Switch over to 'Polygon' Network on MetaMask
You can add the network by following these steps:
Step 7: See your PACIFIC balance reflected on Polygon network (see '10 PACIFIC in the image')
Add the Polygon PACIFIC contract address to MetaMask:
Step 8: Click 'Liquidity Pools' tab
Step 9: Make sure you are connected to Polygon network
Step 10: Click the arrow to expand the 'PACIFIC' pool
Step 11: Enter the amount of PACIFIC you would like to stake, press 'Deposit to Vault'. MetaMask will ask you to approve the transaction. Submit the transaction and wait a few seconds until it is confirmed by the network
Remember: You need to have MATIC in your wallet to deposit PACIFIC in the vault to pay the network fees
Step 12: After confirming the transaction, you are now a PACIFIC staker!